Horsham International Hotel Classic

This event came about when Ian Matheson and Laurie Goodson played together at the 2017 Horsham Annual Tournament.

The idea was to bring lots of local golfers together with some very good senior professional golfers from around the globe.

Goodson with his contacts in senior professional golf can confirm the following players coming to The Horsham International Hotel Classic.

The Australian Pros participating are Lucian Tinkler, Brad Burns, Glen Joyner, David Good, Paul Dalgleish, Mike Zilco, John Martin, Bryan Wearne, David Hando and Andy Rogers.

Other visiting Pros are New Zealand’s Peter Hayes, Martin Pettigrew, America’s Scott Puzey and Canadian Ken Tarling. 

Two other celebrities that have accepted are New Zealand cricketer Lance Cairns and recently retired from the Legends Golf tour, Elliott Booth from Tasmania

Amateur teams will be able to buy at an auction on the Friday night, a professional to play with them in their team for the weekend.  These groups will play in a separate event than players without a pro.

The Horsham Business community have been outstanding with their support of this event and of course events such as this can't proceed without them.

Results - Pro teams          Results - 3 player teams             Results - 18 hole teams

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